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Whoever said only the city boys know how to have fun, has clearly never spent a weekend at the Manor House. For behind the façade of the gentile country estate lies a den of sordid kink and debauchery. Owned by the Cunningham Dynasty and headed up by power couple, Miles and Jacob Cunningham, the Manor House is renowned for its salacious soirees’ and elite callers. And when the devilishly handsome, mysterious investor Harrison Mitchell appears at the House, the Cunningham’s find themselves going to any lengths to seduce Harrison to invest in the Estate. With a little help from Sam, the muscled to perfection gardener, and Jasper the drop dead gorgeous new stable boy, the Cunningham’s set out on a mission of determination, sordid seduction and mind blowing fucking to ensure Harrison Mitchell signs on the dotted line.


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English / 99 min / 2017



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