Shiro's Story Part 2

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Following Shiro's Story (Pt.1), Kyle has gone ghost with Kira and Kyla and has not been seen or heard from in the past year, leaving Shiro no choice but to give up hope in reuniting his family. But with a price on Kyle's head, Shiro repays The Plug before getting back to work on his own weight after leaving his day job. One day Shiro's ex-girlfriend rings Shiro and says she misses him and begs to be taken back. Shiro subsequently agrees but with one demand, she sets Kyle up to die. She then agrees, and the plan is hatched for Shiro's young G's to take the hit on Kyle allowing Shiro to take Kira and Kyla away and rebuild the family that was once torn apart. But with the planned hit on Kyle unsuccessful, and Shiro still hung up and angry with Kira setting him up and taking everything he had away in the first instance, the move away isn't so straight forward.


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English / 14 min / 2018



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