The Confusion of Tongues

A Feature Film Shot & Edited Within 72 Hours.

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Local pub owners, Helen (Kate O'Toole) and Derek (Paul Henshall), are preparing for Birmingham's biggest and hardest pub quiz and everyone has their eyes on the prize. Nearby residents include Mary (Selina Giles) who seeks to find common ground with her daughter Gemma (Katie Cleaver), whilst Kelvin (Rory Mullen) is determined not to let his lover, Angel (Gemma Atkinson), discover his financial ruin and enlists the help of his window cleaner, Barry (Ewen MacIntosh) in a crazy plan to burgle his house and claim on the insurance. Local author Ashley (Nicholas A. Newman) has finished his long-awaited epic novel and is having difficulty promoting it, much to the misfortune of his literary agent (Tom Bonington). As each character descends upon The Spotted Dog pub, chaos ensues as things are not as they seem and each resident learns that extra bit more about each other throughout the course of the night.


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English / 95 min / 2014



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