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When she was a child, Ludmilla was the treasure of her parents, She worked, sewed, washed, and spun as much as seven ordinary people, and Ludmilla was “As Pretty as Seven.” But on account of her pretty face, everybody stared at her; and, as she did not like this, she put a veil over her face. The young peasant beyond her beauty is a humble woman who doesn't rely on her beauty alone but her strength of character, her education and on true love. The poor farmer's daughter veils her face, but that doesn't prevent Arthur, the Prince of the kingdom from recognizing her true inner beauty and falling deeply in love with her. The King cannot accept such a union. Her parent's farmhouse is burned. To save her life, she decides to change her identity by disguising herself as a valet and will henceforth be called Misfortune. “As Pretty as Seven was once my name, But it changed to Misfortune when here I came.”.


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German / 0 min / 2014



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