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D' Aswang Slayerz is a horror comedy story of Paps (Mel Martinez) and his niece Eve (Athalia Badere) suddenly being informed that they come from a family of "Aswang Slayers". The messenger La Niña (Magdalena Fox) tells them that their hometown in the province is being destroyed by the aswangs and that only Paps and Eve can save the town from the Aswangs. Faced by so much financial burdens in the city, Paps and Eve together with their friend Logan ( GJ Dorado ) decide to join La Niña in the province. This is where their adventure or should we say misadventures begin. They are given amulets to protect themselves and undergo physical training to fight the aswangs. The Queen Aswang (Sharmaine Arnaiz) is informed of the Slayers' arrival in the province and is determined to bring them down. With the help of the Queens right hand man Troy ( Lester Tolentino) Paps falls in love with him but Eve is not happy about it. She is determined to prove that Troy is one of the aswangs.


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Filipino / 107 min / 2023



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