Out of the Night: The Stephen Arrington Story

Ambition, talented and smart but he almost threw his life away until he came...

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Steve Arrington's hopes and dreams were lost in a nightmare of bad decisions, bad company, and bad moves. He went from hero to villain, lost his honor and self respect, and found himself trapped in the no-win world of drug smugglers and big-time losers. He had to choose between silver and lead - dirty money or a bullet in the head. The first glimmer of hope came when drug agents cut short his out law career. A scapegoat for his high-rolling superiors in the cocaine racket, Arrington found the locked doors of a federal prison offered him a chance to find his way Out of the Night. His discovery of forgiveness helped him recover his self esteem and led him to fulfillment of his dreams. Out of the Night proves that there is hope for the fallen and escape for the trapped. You'll be inspired with new reasons to believe in God's forgiving love and patient leading


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English / 45 min / 1995



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