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In the world, which is ordinary yet a little bit extraordinary, there is an underground organization called the "Kaito Association". Their members silently guard the social order and peace. Within the organization, there are 12 geniuses, each with their own unique skills. They are the star members of the Kaito Association. One day, they received instructions from Boss, to gather at headquarters to complete an important case that will affect the entire world. The biggest challenge is that the 12 of them have been separated for years, each busy with their own affairs. Thus, they lack mutual understanding. Facing the important case that Boss highly values, the 12 of them have to work together again after being apart for so long. They not only need to rekindle their team spirit but also face the top enemy of all Kaitou, security manager Johnny, who is trying to stop them, making the mission even more difficult.


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cn / 0 min / 2024



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