Il giorno più bello

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Andrea and Filippo love each other and have been together for many years, which is why Andrea thinks the time has come to get married and registers a request with the municipality with his own name, as if it were that of a woman: Mrs. Andrea Viglione. Being civilly united with Filippo is not enough for him, he wants marriage. He doesn't know, however, that many issues will have to be resolved before that day. First of all, Filippo doesn't find the courage to tell his father and grandfather that he is gay. But Filippo isn't the only one who doesn't have the courage to tell the truth in his family. Also Anna, Andrea's mother, who has rebuilt her life in the United States is unable to tell her husband Anthony and her son Jimmy that Andrea is gay. Especially since Anthony is running for governor of Kansas for the conservatives and his son Jimmy, while still a child, is already a talented evangelical preacher of strict principles.


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Italian / 0 min / 2016



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