Addio al nubilato 2 - L’isola che non c’è

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In a wonderful hotel on the seashore, preparations are underway for the wedding of Eleonora who will get married in the afternoon to Fabrizio, known as El Tigre. Each of the excited bridesmaids – Vanessa, Linda and Akiko (pregnant with Billo) – gives the bride an accessory to make her outfit more chic. Instead Polina, her mother, gives her a box of jewels: “they belonged to your poor father. The only thing we have left of him." Eleonora is stunned to see that inside her there is not a jewel as she expected but three teeth, a 'relic' of her father who was killed years earlier in an attack. And since then Polina has asked her to fulfill her father's wish to be buried in Gorizia, in a small cemetery on the border between Italy and Slovenia.


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Italian / 0 min / 2023



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