Tina Town

Their love for each other or their love for Tina?

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Three young gay men who are best friends, two of them married to each other, find the memories of their individual childhood traumas so painful they turn to crystal meth, “Tina”, their "painkiller." After years of using they all descend to a world that might be imaginary or real called Tina Town where residents are met immediately with two choices: stop using the drug which would allow for possible escape and a chance to continue living or use and face the wrath of the town's unofficial leader, Mr. Jones, who, upon catching a young resident, rapes and kills them. Two of the characters, Sammy and Andy who are married to each other, must mourn the loss of their friend, Ashtyn, who was recently captured. Sammy and Andy are left and faced with the two choices which they find almost impossible to make.


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English / 93 min / 2023



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