Strangers in the Night

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Sleepwalker tells three stories against the backdrop of a New Year's Eve: Lola and Paul, who drift aimlessly through the city and provoke complete strangers. Simon and Marie, who spend the evening with Simon's professor and his wife, gaining an ominous insight into their own possible future. And the teacher Karin, who spends the night with her student Fuad. A small panorama of a society on the brink of a turning point. A film about the fear of inner stagnation, while history has picked up full speed again after decades of order. The conflicts of 2020 loom on the horizon, but are still too abstract to be perceived as a serious threat. Somewhere, far away in downtown Vienna, thousands of people are celebrating a boisterous party, but our characters see no reason to join in.


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German / 59 min / 2024



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