Sörensen Catches Fire

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Inspector Sörensen has finally retreated to the Frisian province, but he still has to contend with his own inner demons. Loneliness, insomnia and inner restlessness plague him, and although he does everything he can to stop taking his medication for the anxiety disorder, he remains trapped in his psychological torment. One dark night he almost runs over a young, disturbed woman on the country road. She is malnourished, wears only a nightgown and is blind. After she finally reveals her identity to Sörensen, a web of murder, religious madness and well-kept secrets begins to unfold before him. Sörensen is overwhelmed, not only by the shocking situation, but also by his own demons, which are gaining power over him again. The villagers reject him, and as fear takes hold of him again, he will soon realize that it won't just be a corpse.


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German / 89 min / 2023



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