Off Ramp

A Juggalo road trip through the underbelly of America

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Trey and Silas are a couple of lovable, degenerate Juggalos, reunited after Trey spent a year in the hoosegow for some dumb shit. To celebrate his freedom, and peddle their rap demo, the pair embark on their perennial sojourn to wicked clown heaven: The Gathering of the Juggalos. The one place on earth these misfits feel accepted. Of course, their journey is anything but easy. They take the wrong off ramp, which lands them in a world of shit. They cross paths with a a psychotic Sheriff, a trailer park princess, a gang of occult rednecks, and a good-ol-boy cop tripping on military-strength LSD. Then things start to get really crazy... While navigating the underbelly of the American South, Trey and Silas discover their destiny, identity, and the true meaning of family, culminating in an unforgettable, gore-soaked climax in the backwoods of Mississippi.


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English / 91 min / 2023



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