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YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE! reflects on the origins of THE NFL TODAY’s half-century of studio coverage, featuring interviews with the only surviving early cast members Brent Musburger and Jayne Kennedy, as well as current TV personalities including Jim Nantz, Nate Burleson and Gayle King. Featuring a virtual re-creation of the iconic NFL TODAY set from 1985 and never-before-seen archival footage, YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE! uses innovative technology to take viewers back in time. Debuting in 1975 and hosted by Musburger with Phyllis George and Irv Cross – and eventually Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder and Kennedy, THE NFL TODAY was the first live studio show that took viewers across the entire country, previewing and highlighting every game in the NFL. It was also the most diverse show of its time as the first studio show with a Black cast member and a female cast member. THE NFL TODAY quickly became the prototype for which modern studio shows are based.


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