Lucinda's Spell

A New Orleans-set tale of hookers, witches, pagan magic & booze....

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Something Magical Is In The Air...... Jason the last descendant of Merlin, must father a child on the eve of Beltane. A coven of the world's most powerful witches have gathered in New Orleans for a spell contest to determine who will bear his magical child. But a bizarre battle between good and evil ensues when a young prostitute, Lucinda challenges the coven with her own special brand of magic. To complicate matters, Madison, a desperate New Orleans voodoo priest, hungry to use Jason's alchemical blood to turn lead into gold, stikes a treacherous alliance with the seductive witch Beatrice whose only desire is to use Merlin's offspring to control the most powerful magic on earth... Revel in magic and mayhem as Lucinda struggles to overcome diabolical odds in the most outlandish spell contest you've ever seen!


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English / 105 min / 1998



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