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This new adventure of the brothers-in-law begins with the appearance of a corpse right in the middle of the Tui international bridge. This fact comes from what happened a few days ago... Carnival arrives and the Ribeiro family prepares to enjoy the favorite festivities of every good person from Ourense. Two years have passed since the arrest of Alicia Zamora and her Portuguese partner. The brothers-in-law have set up an octopus stand in Ourense, the perfect way to launder the riot money that fell to them from the sky (literally). Between one thing and another, Modesto has become another brother-in-law in the family. The appearance in Ourense of Andreia Nunes (the partner of the detained Portuguese) in search of revenge will complicate things for the brothers-in-law, getting them into a new mess that will turn this Carnival into a real masked ball.


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Galician / 0 min / 2024



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