The Mystery of Jade

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The Imperial Astronomer suddenly commits suicide in the bustling city. Before committing suicide, he kept chanting, "Pisces is now in chaos, and the mirror is full of vitality!" Emperor Renzong gives Bao Zheng three days to solve the case. Bao Zheng and Zhan Zhao goes to the Supreme Court to investigate the case, but the Supreme Court is deliberately making things difficult for them. Despite this, Bao Zheng still finds important clues. The Pisces Jade Pendant that is supposed to be on the Imperial Astronomer goes missing, and the vice minister of the Supreme Court is also exhibiting the same strange behavior as the Imperial Astronomer before his suicide. The legend of the Pisces Jade Pendant surfaces, but there are still no leads, and there is only one day left before the deadline...


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Chinese / 80 min / 2024



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