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International is a 2002 greatest hits collection from New Order. It was released only in a few countries—United Kingdom notably excluded, although imports were available. Available editions include those from France with a limited edition bonus CD and from the US with a limited edition bonus DVD. As it came out in the same year as the 4/5 disc Retro compilation, many New Order fans did not purchase International, particularly those fans in the countries in which it was never sold. One new track, the single "Here to Stay" from the 24 Hour Party People soundtrack, was however put on International, which was not on Retro, providing a possible incentive to those fans waiting for Retro. No. Title Length 1. "Blue Monday" (live from 5/11) - 7:21 2. "True Faith" - 5:03 3. "The Perfect Kiss" - 5:43


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English / 18 min / 2003



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