Rolling Home with a Bull

Sudden reunion with an ex after 7 years and... A journey to sell of the bull

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Jaded by a series of failures in Seoul, unknown poet, Sun-ho returns to his hometown to help his elderly parents work their farm. Fed up with having to clean up after their cow, he sneaks out one night to sell off the bull at a cattle market. Following some misadventures, he arrives at the market but is unable to sell the cow. Sun-ho's predicament is further complicated by a call from his the onetime love of his life, Hyun-su, in 7 years who married his close friend. She tells him that her husband has passed away. Faced with the news of her husband and once best friend, Min-gyu's death, Sun-Ho is tormented with memories of their friendships which fell apart. Following the funeral, Sun-ho travels with the cow he couldn't sell and his one-time lover who just lost her husband. On a journey that will help Sun-ho to get rid of bitterness and hatred that he has from himself...


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Korean / 111 min / 2010



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