Female High-School Student Squadron vs. Rippers

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In 1938, a young man killed 30 villagers in just two hours in Tsuyama, Okayama Prefecture, "Killing 30 Tsuyama"-. Based on the actual incident that became the model of Seishi Yokomizo's masterpiece mystery "Yatsuhakamura", a murderer plans a mass murder that exceeds the killing of 30 Tsuyama, killing people abducted to an uninhabited island. A girl who is a master of Kenpo who challenges the murderer and a ghost cat who helps it play an active part !! An entertainment movie full of cruelty, action, sword fighting, and mystery. Written and directed by Seiji Yamada of "Natsuhiko Kyogoku / Mystery", the 50th anniversary of the OP Eiga movie "Kaidan Kaidan / Edo no Yurei", and "New Kaidan Cruel Outrageous Female Detective and Nude Anatomy Demon". Mysterious, erotic, guro, retro and kitsch images, full of entertainment !! The special performers are also gorgeous.


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Japanese / 86 min / 2005



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