Loose Ends

This time the lunatics have taken over the academy!

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When the zealous followers of the Church of the Divine Light collide with the heathen filmmakers heaven help those caught in the middle! Bishop Wally, the cult's corrupt founder, must liquidate his assets or face the wrath of the IRS, unaware that his too-slick tax advisor Lodz Kuckoff has unwittingly set the stage for calamity. Kuckoff promises a filmmaker, Liberty Jean, that he'll secure the million dollars she needs to make her dream project, an expose on sex in advertising. She reluctantly agrees, even though part of the deal includes having to cast the financier's curvaceous, but obnoxiously untalented girlfriend LIta as the star. Kuckoff, realizing the terrible mistake he's made, hires the neighborhood thugs to sabotage the picture. However, before they can hit full stride, the Bishop arrives and declares his own holy war. The movie's set, a gigantic birthday cake, becomes the battleground for one of the most uproarious brawls ever.


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English / 88 min / 1986



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