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Schlager fan Dieter still lives with his parents and doesn't really fancy anything: neither women nor regular work. His parents, ideological old hippies, want to restrict Dieter's freedom as little as possible, but they still want to make the love-struck Candy appealing to him. Annoyed by the constant demands, Dieter leaves the house and finds himself in a nightclub. There he meets Petra, who is about to get married to Hilmar, the heir to millions. Petra wants to enjoy one last love affair with Dieter before the wedding. After a passionate kiss, they are both thrown back to 1972. Dieter, who regains consciousness in a shared flat in Berlin, finds out that Petra is in Munich, whereupon he sets off to find her. His journey holds many a bizarre adventure, such as a meeting with his young hippie parents.


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German / 91 min / 1996



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