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This journey into the inside of the Earth is fascinating, alarming but also beautiful. Only a tiny fraction of Earth is accessible to humans so scientists have developed interesting experiments to explain the mysteries from the crust to the core. With the aid of stunning computer generated footage, 'Inside Planet Earth' takes us on an amazing expedition of discovery. Along the way we will see how in the secret, hostile fiery depths of the Earth, incredible riches such as crystals, gold and diamonds are formed. We will encounter the forces that have shaped and continue to shape Earth as we know it and we will understand how life is a balance between the energy from the Sun on the outside and the energy coming from the inside: the core. The world beneath our feet may seem like an alien place but it's very much part of life above ground. This is the story of the incredible world we will never see or reach.


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    English / 90 min / 2009



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