The Fruit Is Ripe

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It is fruit-picking season in the plain and pickers come from all over and live in a camp for several weeks. Among the many pretty girls are Kissa, a natural vamp who delights in exciting men; Margo who is hard and tough, and Josine who is tender and romantic. They work in a feverish atmosphere and inflamed by the summer heat, youthful passions run riot, and the girls' sensual behavior cause rivalry among the men. Lorry driver Armand applies the same degree of ardor to his love-making as to his work, and his biggest rival is the boss' son, Berto, a strutting rooster who is very proud of his American car. After work each day, Kissa queens it in the cabaret on shore, and derives great pleasure in arousing jealousy between the men.


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French / 90 min / 1961



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