Where I'm From

A Childhood. A Neighborhood. An Ode to Life

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A CHILDHOOD. A NEIGHBORHOOD. AN ODE TO LIFE One-of-a-kind autobiography narrated and filmed with great sensibility and beauty. Its exceptional cinematic quality offers a visual treat to a Quebec rarely seen before. This poetic take on childhood memory transcends simple nostalgia for a sincere celebration of life. Claude Demers returns to the working-class district of Montréal where he grew up, and immediately wonders: Why? The rest of Where I'm From forms the answer. Demers tries to relive all the experiences he had for the first time as a child, or at least understand them: the first novel he read and the power of language. His first awareness of death. The question of what is normal and what isn’t. The idea of wanting to leave, of having to leave.


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French / 82 min / 2014



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