Classic Cartoon Favorites, Vol. 5 - Extreme Sports Fun

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Get ready to cheer, sports fans, as Mickey and his friends team up to bring you the funniest and most entertaining sports moments in animated film! The laughs fly out of the park when Goofy attempts to demonstrate "How To Play Baseball" in the hit classic short that feature everyone's favorite dog in every passion. Then Mickey heads out for a leisurely day on the links, but hilarity is par for the course when his faithful "Canine Caddy" Pluto battles a pesky gopher and does his best to clear the way for a hole in one. The fun never stops in this collection of eight wild and wacky sports stories the whole family will love. Canine Caddy (1941) How to Play Baseball (1942) The Hockey Champ (1939) Double Dribble (1946) How to Play Football (1944) Mickey's Polo Team (1936) Tennis Racquet (1949) Goofy Gymnastics (1949)


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    English / 60 min / 2004



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