Eine Seefahrt, die ist lustig

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Fritz Schmitz advertises the sea journeys of Mr. Hein Kluge using this melody. Fritz is Mr. Winkler's nephew and aside from attracting participants in these sea journeys, he's trying to get his uncle to invest 10,000 Reichsmark in Mr. Kluge's operation. And indeed, Mr. Winkler promises to make the investment, if the sea journey proves to be what he's expecting. He's hoping, by the way, to get to know "Emma", with whom he's been corresponding for quite a while now, because she put an ad out saying she wants a husband. And wouldn't you know it: without having met her except by mail, he's fallen for her! Another big condition is that Fritz not sell Mrs. Muller a ticket for this trip. On the steps, Fritz gets to know a young girl, with whom he falls in love at first sight and, without knowing her name, invites her to join the tour. And wouldn't you know it: this woman is Frau Muller's daughter. Can you guess where this is going?


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German / 0 min / 1935



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