Macho Undercover

Funny. Sexy. Outrageous.

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Tom Kostner is a macho man. He cheats on his two girlfriends, drives a flashy Cobra and works as an editor for a car magazine. He lives in a chic penthouse with his roommate, the bartender Ecki . But it is more appearances than reality: he is soon fired from the magazine. His girlfriend Manu catches him with his other girlfriend and leaves him too. He applies to some other magazines, but has no success there. When his Cobra is towed because he is behind on the installments, he grasps at his last straw: he applies to a women's magazine. However, since they prefer to hire women and homosexual men, he plays the gay man. At first he makes a few mistakes, but ultimately manages to convince the other employees.


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German / 94 min / 2005



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