Sex Sells: The Making of 'Touché'

A revealing comedy about life on a porn set...

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A world record orgy, wild sex scenes, ninjas... just a typical day at the office when you happen to work on a porn set. Director Chuck Steak is making his last film and wants to go out with a bang. With the help of veteran actress Roxy Free and the outrageously endowed Lance Long, they concoct the biggest and most absurdly complicated porn film ever made. But along the way, everything that can possibly go wrong does go wrong. Tempers flare, secrets are revealed and a hidden past is exposed, as all hell breaks loose during the climactic orgy scene. It's a wild ride in this rowdy and heartwarming tale of life in the adult film industry. Written by HBFilmworks


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English / 96 min / 2005



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