Boháč a chudák

Jiřina Bohdalová in a fairy tale based on the motifs of K. J. Erben about the fact that luck awaits everyone somewhere and adversity is worth fighting for.

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Erben's original text, which did not exceed half a page in length, served Zelenka only as a source of inspiration to write a plot-rich story about two brothers, one of whom lives in luxury because Luck helped him to wealth, and the other lives in absolute poverty because he loves him Poverty, and she, out of love for him, doesn't want to allow him to get rich and let his life be complicated by worrying about possessions. However, not only the struggle with poverty and the arrogance that comes from owning a large property are the main motives of this charming comedy, which is intended for children of all ages. The desire for love and the search for happiness in life plays an important role in this sometimes very exciting story, and an equally important motive here is the motive of forgiveness of guilt in the name of more permanent values, among which in this case the relationship of two brothers can be included.


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Czech / 73 min / 2005



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