The Golden Years

Finding true, who to blame...

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The crash of student strike, also the crash of "Croatian Spring" in December of 1971, causes a violent separation of its three participants: A member of student leaders Jakov, his brother Mislav and Jakov's girlfriend Suncana. Jakov escapes abroad, while Mislav and Suncana remain in Zagreb believing that nothing bad can happen to them. Meanwhile, Mislav is getting arrested and Suncana stays alone. 20 years later, Jakov returns from Australia looking for a new beginning. He stays at Mislav's who married a girl from a rich family, after being released from prison and became a dentist. Soon, the brothers discover that the scelator from the past were not buried after all. The case of Suncana Krizic, who got killed in 1972 under mysterious circumstances, becomes Jakov's obsession in finding the truth.


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Croatian / 110 min / 1992



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