How Do You Change Your Parents?

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Lydia and Vincent Lufft adopted the now 10-year-old Marie, so Vincent has better career prospects at the very child-friendly Henderson Games. But Marie forges with her friend Nick a plan: they want to fake a kidnapping to get away from the adoptive parents. To find the alleged abducted Marie Max Hoch, expert of a security company, consulted. Max himself does not want to have children unlike his girlfriend. He soon finds out that the abduction can only be faked. However, when Heinz Michelin, a friend of the family who wants to pay Marie's debt back with the reward, urges to help with the kidnapping, he brings with him two real hijackers. Max brings Marie to his unsuspecting girlfriend Karo to protect her. In the meantime, Max is himself suspected by the police to have kidnapped Marie. Only with a trap can he prove his innocence.


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German / 92 min / 2003



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