Love in Lion City

Wherever you are, love is never far away...

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Just before Anniela and Robert are supposed to move to Singapore where they were planning on getting married and having Robert work for the family business, Anniela surprises her fiancé in the arms of his last girlfriend. Immediately ending their relationship, she stubbornly departs for Singapore alone. She is thrilled to see her old friend Ming Lee, director of a cultural center for deprived children. In addition to taking a job teaching German, Anniela offers music lessons to the kids. It isn't long before she falls in love with Dai Si, one of the students in her language class. However, he hasn't been truthful about his identity. Afraid of losing Anniela's love, he hides the fact that he is the son of the rich industrialist who plans on tearing down the cultural center to build a casino. Anniela eventually discovers who her new lover really is. Now twice brokenhearted, she prepares to flee Singapore for home. The magic of true love, however, is not so easily discouraged.


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German / 0 min / 2009



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