Rosamunde Pilcher: Nebel über Schloss Kilrush

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Since the accidental death of her fiancé , Keira has lived on her parents ' country estate in southern Ireland, where they have a well-respected horse farm . Keira is wracked with guilt over the accident . She blames herself and her favorite horse , Othello , and has since the eventcompletely withdrawn from the traumatized horse . Concerned about Othello , Keira's father Samuel hires American horse whisperer Patrick O'Connell. He hopes that the American , who is of Irish immigrant descent, will not only treat Othello , but will also be able to relieve Keira of her feelings of guilt . PatrickO'Connell falls in love at first sight with the beautiful Emerald Isle and with Keira, who reciprocates his feelings . Cathleen and Samuel are delighted with the development . Only her brother Jacob, who mainly takes care of horse breeding , makes no secret of hisdislikes Patrick and spins a dangerous scheme .


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German / 90 min / 2007



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