Tessa Hennig - Elli gibt den Löffel ab

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The husband of Elli died several years ago and now Elli has great financial problems: she must pay 3.000€ of income tax for her shop.At the same time Elli receives a letter from Capri and learns that she is the heiress of a small boarding house in Capri where as child she spent her school holidays.So Elli decides to travel as soon as possible to Capri: crossing through Italy with her old car she gets mechanical problem, but an old retired man and widower who travel with his Chihuahua dog in a camper, rescues her and together they travel to Naples, where she will take the ferry to Capri.In a moment of distraction she forgets her wallet in the camper of Heinz and has to travel as stowaway on the ferry. Then she receives a phone call from her sister Dorothea who asks her where she is and what she is doing: Dorothea is on the same ferry because she has also received a letter from the lawyer Roberto about the inheritance of a board house in Capri.


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German / 0 min / 2012



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