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Tomas is happy as family father, raising teen son Milan (as his knavish buddy) and running-especially gastronomically- a club with his mother Nike, whose absences to take course aiming for career progress causes tension. Covering for Milan's systematic class dodging to pursue a musical ambition, Tomas discovers going trough Nike's stuff the knave isn't biologically his son, feels utterly cheated by wife Nike, and feels like wrecking their relationship, family and livelihood musical bar. Former common study friend Clemens, a divorced MD, confides he wasn't interested in Nike, being gay, and advises 'getting laid' without commitment, but finding that out hurts utterly confused Milan even more. The spouses must pull together when son Milan (16) decides to seek his genetic father, a former GDR literature professor Dr. Karoly Gaál, who is now in a home for demented seniors.


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German / 89 min / 2016



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