The Kung Fu Kids V

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It is the time of the dissolution of the Chinese Empire. The Boxer Rebellion challenges the occupying foreign powers, the Empress Dowager rules the throne, but Warlords control the country. After losing his army in a game of poker, one Warlord tries to borrow money from the foreigners but they will only loan him the money on one condition. The foreigners are bringing an international group of top athletes to tour China. If the warlord can recruit, and train a team to beat the international athletes, then he can borrow the money. A motley crew of offbeat characters are forced into being on the team. Coached by a very unorthodox trainer, played by Hu Gua, the team eventually meets the international athletes in a wild series of battles and competitions until one side is victorious. With lots of very juvenile humor, crotch jokes, and mildly interesting kung fu action.


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Chinese / 106 min / 1988



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