Boys On Film 13: Trick & Treat

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Boys On Film surprises and delights with films exploring relationships, dark desires, and confronting hidden secrets. Volume 13: Trick & Treat features 10 new award-winning shorts, including: Anna Österlund Nolskog's "Boygame" starring Charlie Gustafsson and Joakim Lang; Christopher Brown's "Remission" starring Teddy Nicholas, Cai Brigden, and Antony De Liseo; Lazlo & Dylan Tonk's "Caged" starring Joël Mellenberg and Josha Stradowski; Charlie Francis's "Middle Man" starring Tommy Jay Brennan and Joe Cassidy; Dan Connolly's "Vis à Vis" starring Belinda Misevski, Dan Connolly, and David Harrison; Casper Andreas's "A Last Farewell" starring Tomas von Brömssen, Iwar Wiklander, and Liv Mjönes; Neil Ely's "Mirrors" starring Jody Latham and Liam Boyle; Tim Marshall's "Followers" starring Valmai Jones and Mark Oliver; Leslie Bumgarner's "Surprise" starring Tess Harper and Austin Fryberger; and Philip J. Connell's "Kissing Drew" starring Eden Ocean Sanders, Ben Hargreaves, and Chris Handfield.


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English / 122 min / 2015



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