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Aunty Agatha has passed away at a healthy ninety years. She had known all along, that her family wanted nothing more than to get their hands on her riches. That's why she devised a cunning plan before leaving her kin - in a state discord: She hires former journalist Vincent to give her eulogy. Vincent's ex-wife Victoria, who runs an exclusive florist's shop branded "Leaf and Blossom" is to provide the floral arrangements for her funeral. Of course aunt Agatha didn't tell either half of the former couple, whose marriage didn't end too harmoniously either, that their ex was involved. When the will is read Agatha's family doesn't take it well that Victoria and Vincent are also bequested and it doesn't help that the total value of the legacy seems to be much lower than they hoped for. But aunty is sending her avaricious offsprings onto a deviously plotted scavenger hunt that's leading them to the real fortune. Victoria and Vincent of course are given the crucial clues to take the lead.


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German / 89 min / 2004



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