Neu in unserer Familie – Zwei Eltern zu viel

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Jonas (Benno Fürmann) and Marit (Maja Schöne) lead an unconventional relationship. They moved from Cologne to Berlin because Marit got a lucrative job there. This makes Jonas temporarily unemployed - but one has to take care of children and household.Talking together, being open and honest and making music together is the basis of this family, where everyone can make their own thing and feel at home at the same time, a family where parents see themselves as life-long companions of their children. This modern family code is put to the test when the couple meets a pioneering agreement after 14 years of relationship -both of them do not want to miss family as it is now , but they do not want to give up their sexual needs completely for the sake of domestic peace.


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German / 179 min / 2016



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