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Flesh and fantasy fill the nights of the call girls at Bambi’s, a flashy back street brothel. Join Bambi, Candy and the girls for an evening or two and find out what happens in the violent world of sex for sale. Candy is new to the business. She follows all of the rules of the house - she arrives on time, doesn’t take drugs, is polite to customers, and numb to all the men who used her. Then she meets Reg and breaks the most important rule - don’t fall in love with one of your customers. Their first encounter leaves her longing to see him again. She fantasizes about the love they share and how idyllic their life together would be. But the facts are clear. Candy is a hooker and she will never be a real part of his world … she’s one of Bambi’s girls. She has seen his life and felt his love, a brief glimpse is all she’ll ever have, KISS THE NIGHT!


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English / 102 min / 1989



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