Talking Back at Thunder

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All is good for Jacob. A plumber by trade, he has a job he enjoys, and a fiancé whom he loves. He’s the quintessential, everyday man living his life in a provincial coastal Queensland town. A veritable bomb soon shatters his path by way of an old demon from his childhood. Surrounding lush cane fields turn to icy tundra, as Jacob tries to cope with the crippling anxiety and haunting trauma that he’s managed to suppress over the years. Facing his biggest task yet, he is forced to tackle these issues before they swamp his soul and ruin his life. How will he cope with his mental demons? Can he hide them from his loved ones, and continue on with his life unabashed? Will he choose to confront the very source of his anguish head on? Set with northern Australia’s cane country as its backdrop, Talking Back At Thunder delves fearlessly into the barely- lit cavern that is anxiety, trauma, and rage in the everyday Aussie male.


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English / 88 min / 2014



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