The Woman with Red Hair

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In Saint Gilles, in the Brionnais, country of churches that invites serenity, the atmosphere becomes gradually agonizing, the past playing with the present. Antoine, a reporter and then a volunteer in the humanitarian field, returned to France after experiencing terrible events in Mali. He is at Saint Gilles to write an article on Romanesque Art. He meets Constance, the very attractive adoptive daughter of the owner of the inn, Mrs. Naudy. Constance also has its secret. She tries to discover the truth about the death of her parents Eva and Louis Lacassan, a truth that has been hidden from her for too long. And then there is Juju who says to see the ghost of Eva, the woman with the red hair. A track in Constance's investigation? Between Antoine and Constance, these two wounded beings, weave little by little a story that may help them to go to the end of their adventure.


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French / 0 min / 2016



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