Emperor Of The Underworld

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Oh-seung is a living legend in the airborne troop headquarters for his outstanding combat abilities. He surprises everyone by his request for a transfer. One day, the special agents investigating the new underworld boss Yoo Deok-pal's group sex party are killed and Oh-seung is asked to bring down Deok-pal. Oh-seung has his old friend Ju-cheol released from jail and join him in attacking the Deok-pal organization. Hyun-sook, an ex-colleague of Oh-seung and Ju-cheol, finds out about the investigation but she is helpless now as a regular member of Deok-pal's group sex. Deok-pal feels the heat from Oh-seung and Ju-cheol and kidnaps and murders their mentor Man-tae. On the day of the funeral, Deok-pal and his men surrender to Oh-seung and Ju-cheol, and his organization collapses together with other small crime groups.


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Korean / 87 min / 1994



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