Myth Makers 53: Patrick Troughton

In Memory of Patrick Troughton 1920-1987

Poster for Myth Makers 53: Patrick Troughton



Patrick Troughton was born and raised in North London. During a long and successful career he appeared in countless television dramas, including Doctor Finlay's Casebook, and The Old Curiosity Shop, plus feature films including Laurence Olivier’s acclaimed Hamlet. But it is probably his role as the second Doctor Who that he will be most remembered for. Eccentric, childish, comic, whimsical... the list of facets within his portrayal is long and complex and this reflected much of Patrick’s own personality. In this tribute Myth Makers we concentrate on what exactly made PATRICK’s second Doctor so successful. And for the first time we include an exclusive interview with Patrick shot at his only UK convention appearance at PanoptiCon VI! The only such interview shot in the UK.


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English / 51 min / 2002



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