The Regret

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Yasmine works in a factory, marveling at the engineer Rauf, who works in the factory without feeling it, agrees with the old Damanhuri to clean his house for a sum of money to help her cope with the burdens of life, but this combination between the factory and the house of Damanhuri does not last when one of the machines In the factory, which led to her separation, and find herself at a crossroads, she recognizes Raouf, who is called Damanhuri's son, offering her marriage, but neglects this offer and takes it towards Abu Helou, who also wants to marry her, but she stops him and prevents him. The husband of Jasmine but refuses. She confesses her love to Raouf. When she reaches Rawaf, she finds that Abu El-Helou has told Rauf about Yasmine's reality and expels her to return to Damanhoury.


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Arabic / 108 min / 1978



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