Swan Song

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After discussions with Schwartz, a producer from the West, screenwriter Stefan comes back to Poland. Everybody reminds him of his previous success: “The Flame”. The tired protagonist goes back to his wife, actress Ewa, who is eagerly awaiting him. Ewa goes to an audition which doesn’t turn out too well. On the next day, Stefan and his collaborators are wondering what to write a scenario about. Meanwhile, Stefan has a tooth ache. He decides to visit a dentist but is scared away by the price he has to pay for the treatment. Stefan still can’t find an idea for a scenario, and Ewa is not being cast. They decide to sell the car, but a man who takes their car out for a test drive doesn’t return. Stefan is changing ideas for the scenario constantly, he can’t make up his mind… at home, a pipe goes off… the wine he keeps in gallons blows up… the milicia (People’s Republic of Poland’s police) comes and general chaos ensues, as they are drowning in water and wine… which gives Stefan an idea…


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Polish / 80 min / 1988



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