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Three couples in love — Tatar, Armenian and Russian-are preparing to play weddings. But it turns out that Rinat and Guzelce wedding is a way to get the money to get an expensive violin, for Arthur's father is the most important to the wedding of his son and Muscovite-Julia took place in Armenia, and the Light has a "skeleton in the closet" — her ex-boyfriend Andrew wedding day with Oleg was released from prison. But the guests break away from the soul, and the audience of the film "Best wishes!" there is a unique opportunity to attend three weddings at once. Toasts and contests, songs and dances, kisses and ... fights – what kind of wedding without a fight?! This bombycosi cool and real funny. Three weddings, three couples-so different, so different. But love unites, and the guests heartily wish: "Best wishes!»


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Russian / 85 min / 2018



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