When Love Digs a Hole

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Montreal, June 1995. Tired of the attitude of their son Miron, David and Thérèse, two university professors, decide to leave for the countryside in the hope that the distance from the city will allow their teenager to refocus on his studies. Less than a week after arriving at the chalet, Miron meets their neighbor, a dynamic and cheerful woman named Florence. Under the pretext of helping her in the garden, Miron spends most of his time with this 73-year-old woman, free and philosophical, in whom he discovers a particularly attentive listener. Love at first sight is immediate. The problem is that Miron is only 17! Discovering this affair by chance, Miron's parents are shocked and react violently by forbidding him from seeing his sweetheart again. But the young man has more than one trick up his sleeve...


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French / 89 min / 2018



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