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“Male's way” is the first male series devoid of thieves' raids, pseudo-romantic maxims and melodramatic self-torture, an uncompromisingly honest look at the relations of men and women, devoid of political correctness alien to this form. These are stories about “sex in the big city” through the eyes of women and men living in the Russian metropolis, this is a challenge to the norms of hypocritical morality, screaming about tolerance and chastity, but mired in oppression and debauchery, this is a bitter medicine, caustic truth about the heroes of our time forced to live according to the laws of the society to which they serve. And in this hopeless accuracy, the main note of all interwoven plots, where life itself will put everything in its place, and yesterday's monster can become handsome, and Cinderella can turn into a witch.


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Russian / 103 min / 2008



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